Corringham Integrated Medical & Wellbeing Centre aerial shot

Our Integrated Medical & Wellbeing Centre Programme

Corringham Integrated Medical & Wellbeing Centre

The new Corringham Integrated Medical & Wellbeing Centre (IMWC) will launch in 2022. It’s the first of four IMWC’s to be delivered across the Thurrock region designed to provide health and wellbeing support for the local community. Corringham will open to the public in Spring 2022, realising the strategy for Thurrock and overarching IMWC’s vision for a collaborative partnership between health, mental health and community and voluntary sectors.

The launch of the new centre reflects the long-standing Better Care Together Thurrock (BCTT) transformation programme goal to create a holistic approach to the delivery of primary care, community healthcare and social care. This unified approach to collaborative community support means better outcomes for people closer to home and a strengthening of services offering a comprehensive range of support and initiatives for the public.

These key themes are reflected in the overarching service model for Corringham IMC, which is resourced to support Adult Mental Health and Community Health Services, Sexual Health Services, Primary Care, Adult Social Care, Children and Young people services, Lifestyle & Wellbeing Services, Long-Term Conditions, Outpatients and Diagnostics such as Phlebotomy, Ultrasound, AAA Screening.

Throughout the development of Corringham, our community has centred at heart of our plans to deliver a health and wellbeing facility that delivers meaningful support and initiatives - coproduced with our Thurrock residents. Read more about our community initiatives and engagement activities below and to find out more about how you can get involved, contact

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