Developmental Reviews

Every child in England is offered a free developmental review at 9-12mths and 2-2 ½ years.  Benefits of attending your child’s review include:

  • Discussing your child’s health, development and any concerns you might have about your child with a professional.  Please note you do not need to have concerns to attend the appointment.
  • Some of the topics discussed are diet, dental care, speech and language.
  • Understanding any difficulties your child might have before they get to school-age so that support can be offered to your family as early as possible.

The appointment involves reviewing your child’s development including their language, movement and physical skills, and emotions.  The review will be with a nursery nurse or health visitor and part of this includes looking at a questionnaire (called the ASQ3).

The video playlist on YouTube below provides more information about the review and how to complete the questionnaire.

Click this link for further information about the assessment and questionnaire video playlist.

Health Visitors are qualified nurses from a variety of nursing backgrounds such as paediatric nursing adult nursing, midwifery, mental health nursing. They are trained to become Specialist Community Public Health Nurses. Health Visitors work in a team which consist of school nurses, community nursery nurses, clinical support workers and administrators.

Working together to safeguard children is an essential aspect of health visiting. This entails working together with school nurses, children centres, the child development team, parent perinatal infant mental health service, Children's Adult Mental Health Services (CAMHS), schools and other allied professionals.