Developmental Milestones

Normal variants (Motor Developmental milestones and Paediatric Gait) and when to refer?

Each child is an individual.  Each individual develop at different rate and speed. The following normal variants below are guidelines only.

If you feel your child is extremely developing far below what is expected of them, please do not hesitate to seek advice and guidance from your health professionals.

  • Development milestones

Paediatric Gait

Physiotherapy intervention is not required for the following gait anomalies which correct themselves as development progresses

Frequent Falls

It is normal for children to fall frequently before the age of 3 years, particularly if they have been late to start walking.

If you are concerned that a child is not moving symmetrically, please liaise with the Paediatric Physiotherapy department.

Please find the attached leaflet that will help guide you if your child needs referral to a Physiotherapist or other health care specialist.

  1. Flat feet in children.pdf [pdf] 873KB
  2. Intoeing Gait.pdf [pdf] 453KB
  3. Osgood Schlatter's Disease.pdf [pdf] 707KB
  4. Down Syndrome.pdf [pdf] 509KB