Referral process

How to refer

The ASD & ADHD Diagostics Team co-ordinates new assessments for Children and Young People exhibiting a developmental difficulty affecting social communication, social interaction, attention, emotion understanding and regulation, sensory sensitivities, rigid and repetitive behaviour that unfolds as an individual develops and grows. Requests for support will be accepted if there is an indication in the supporting questionnaires that the difficulties may be part of ASD or ADHD. Please see the referral process and links to referral forms below.

Referal process 

Referral process


After assessment and diagnosis

Following assessment and diagnosis the team may be able to sign-post you to further services or give some targeted support regarding the diagnosis.


For the community paediatrics team to consider a diagnosis of  Autistic Spectrum Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, only Schools, GP’s and other professionals are permitted to make a referral. If you are a parent or carer seeking support for either of these conditions please speak to your GP or other professional to discuss making a referral.

As a professional working with the family you will coordinate the collection of referral information and make the referral. Before completing the main referral, please ensure that the family/carers and school have completed the supplementary information forms to attach to the referral. The referral cannot be processed without completed information.


Send out the additional information forms to school and family/carers relative to age and potential diagnosis. Request the information is returned to you (referrer).

The forms are available to download or sent by hyperlink from this webpage 

Please be advised these forms can take between 30-40 minutes to complete


Complete the age and diagnosis relevant referral form online and attach ALL additional information in the forms attachments section.

Press submit

You will receive an automated message to confirm receipt.

Referral documents

CSPA referral form

This referral form is for health and education professional use only. We can not accept self-referrals from families. Click the link below to complete the  CSPA referral form.


Please include the following supplementary forms with your referral so that we can consider the referral with all the relevant information.

Supplementary form

To be completed by parent / carer. Click the link below to download.

Pre Assessment Form September 22 ASD ADHD - PARENT CARER.docx [docx] 67KB

Supplementary form 

To be completed by education provision. This would usually be a teacher that knows the child well. Where the child is home-educated, please request that someone in a setting other than the home completes the form. This could be a tutor, club teacher or coach, youth worker, case manager or a teacher at a previous school setting. The specialist professionals reading the forms are aware that children may present differently in different contexts and will take this into account while considering the referral. Click the link below to download.

Pre-assessment Form September 22- ASD ADHD - EDUCATION SETTING.docx [docx] 60KB