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Our expert library staff carry out evidence searches for information related to quality improvement, service management and transformation, commissioning, clinical teaching, CPD and individual service user care.

This service is available to NELFT staff and members of organisations who are subscribed to the service, including local public health teams.

Our service standards state that we will deliver evidence search results by email, within 10 working days. However, we will attempt to deal with genuinely urgent requests – such as those directly related to service user care – more quickly. We ask our users to plan their work and ask for help as early as possible.
We do not offer evidence searching in support of coursework or funded research. If you would like help finding evidence in support of either of these, we can provide you with some training and guidance – please refer to the training page for further information or to book an appointment.

The Library uses KnowledgeShare to manage evidence search requests, read the KnowledgeShare privacy policy.

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