My Health Record

This page will give you the information on accessing your health record through the NHS app and why it is important.

How to register with medical services and why you should have your immunisations.

Why should I download the NHS app?

The NHS app offers a variety of information. 

This includes:

  • Booking appointments with your GP. You can also cancel appointments and see your appointment history.
  • View your health record, which will give you information on any allergies recorded, current and past medications. If you have been given access to a detailed medical record by your GP you will also be able to view test results and details of consultations.
  • Order repeat prescriptions.
  • Get your COVID pass, particularly helpful for those wishing to travel.
  • Get information about COVID.
  • Get health advice through searching trusted NHS information  and seek answers to questions you may have.

Other services that may be available include 

  • Messaging your GP or health professional online.
  • Manage your care plans.
  • View hospital and other healthcare appointments.

The NHS app can be downloaded by anyone over the age of 13 years old. The NHS app can be downloaded via the apple store or Playstore. You need to be registered with a GP in England. 

Is this safe and secure?


After you have downloaded the app, you will need to set up an NHS login and prove who you are.  This will either be through photo ID or if you are unable to provide photo ID you will be given secure registration details from your GP which will enable you to access the app.


Once you have registered, the app will then securely connect to information from your GP surgery.


If your device supports facial recognition, you will be able to use that instead of entering a password each time.


You can also view your health record on a computer browser.


The link below will take you to the NHS app site. It provides additional information such as help and support, getting medical help urgently and help for you mental health immediately.


NHS App and your NHS account - NHS (

How to register with medical services


Registering with a GP

When you first move out you need to register with your local GP. GP surgeries can differ in what services they offer and when selecting a GP you should choose one based on your individual needs. Needs include, opening hours, services they offer and location.


To find a GP:

Find a GP - NHS (


This website can help you with registering with a GP.

How to register with a GP surgery - NHS (


Registering with a Dentist

Most people dread going to the dentist, but looking after your mouth, teeth and gums is important, as it prevents gum disease, rotten teeth and bad breath. This is where the dentist comes in. They can also help with crooked teeth.


To find a dentist:

Find a dentist - NHS (


This website can help those who have a fear of the dentist

Coping with a fear of the dentist | NHS inform


Registering with an Optician

Your vision is important as it helps you connect with the world around you and see your social media feed! Having good eyesight is also important to pass a driving test. Many eye problems can take a while to develop so you may not realise you have a problem until it is too late. You should aim to go to the optician every 2 years.


To find an optician:

Find an optician - NHS (


What happens when you visit an optician:

Visiting an optician - NHS (

Why should I have my immunisations

Having vaccinations can help protect you against serious diseases. 

Within the UK, the immunisation programme has helped to reduce and almost eliminate some serious illnesses such as Small Pox and Polio.

Immunisations also help to protect a whole community. If enough people are vaccinated then it can make the spread of serious diseases harder and help to protect those who are unable to be immunised. 

You can check your immunisation record either through your NHS App or via your GP. 

You may also need to have certain vaccinations to travel to some countries. The link below provides information on vaccinations that you may need for traveling the world.

Travel  vaccinations - NHS (

When you need to book an immunisation, this must be done through your GP surgery. 

However the COVID vaccinations can be booked through this link

Book or manage a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination - NHS (