Eastern Eye highlights NELFT doctor's pandemic experience | News and events

Eastern Eye highlights NELFT doctor's pandemic experience | News and events

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Eastern Eye highlights NELFT doctor's pandemic experience

Dr Mohan Bhat, our associate medical director and consultant old age psychiatrist, has highlighted his experience working in the NHS during the pandemic in a recent Eastern Eye article.

Dr Bhat was redeployed into our isolation ward for mental health patients who had been diagnosed with COVID-19 as part of a new inpatient pathway for adult and older adults with mental health problems.

Dr Bhat said: “My aim during the ward rounds has been to alleviate anxieties and reassure the staff. It is satisfying to see that staff and junior doctors on the ward are feeling more confident with what is expected of them and helping patients get better.”

In the article Dr Bhat said: “The NHS gives me a sense of belonging, that I am part of a statistic, working for one of the largest employers in the world, with people being represented from all over the world, different cultures, races and religions.”

Eastern Eye is Britain’s best known and most respected Asian weekly newspaper with national coverage, regarded as the authentic voice of British Asians in the UK. You can read the article here.