GCSE results day 2020 | News and events

GCSE results day 2020 | News and events

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GCSE results day 2020

GCSE Results Day 2020 is on Thursday the 20th August for students in England and Wales. GCSE results are usually a nerve-wracking time for students, and even more so this year particularly as many exams were cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic and results will be based on predicted grades.

If you don't get the results you had hoped for, don’t worry you have plenty of options. There are many routes to success and getting glittering results isn’t the only way. Speak to your teacher, careers adviser, and whoever else you can to find out what you should do next.

How can I cope with stress?

  • Talk to friends and family about your feelings – stress may alter the way you interact with people, so it is important to discuss how you feel with those around you.
  • Look after yourself – skipping meals and eating foods with a high sugar content can cause sugar and hormone levels to change drastically, affecting how you feel both mentally and physically.
  • Get active – stress and anxiety can produce toxins in the body, which exercise can help to reduce.

 Where to get support:

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