Going Virtual for a Year 6 Puberty Talk | News and events

Going Virtual for a Year 6 Puberty Talk | News and events

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Going Virtual for a Year 6 Puberty Talk

The South Hornchurch School Nursing team found a new way to give their annual talk to year 6 girls at James Oglethorpe Primary School and delivered their puberty talk virtually this year.

Gillian Taylor, Specialist Practitioner School Nurse and the rest of her South Hornchurch School Nursing team, have had to adapt to changes in delivery of their service over the last few months. With  lots of schools now using virtual ways of working, James Oglethorpe Primary School in Upminster requested an online year 6 puberty talk for the girls Gillian and her Student, Rahab Muhuri, delivered the talk with the team's new staff nurse, Emily Cessford observing.

The girls were able to ask questions to the team via an online question function.

Gillian said: "Going forward I think there will be more virtual working for schools including new parent talks, delivering training and attending safeguarding meetings. Ideally we want to provide a mixture of face to face and virtual ways of working but as our first teaching session it went well and is an efficient and time effective way of working."