NELFT rotational nurses celebrate programme completion | News and events

NELFT rotational nurses celebrate programme completion | News and events

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NELFT rotational nurses celebrate programme completion

The Practice Experience Programme Team (PEPT) held a virtual celebratory event last week for nurses who successfully completed their rotation programme this year.

The rotational programme was born out of an identified need to support all people requiring care; in both physical and mental health settings and sees nurses rotate between a variety of settings, including acute and community sites throughout the programme.

Stephanie Dawe, chief nurse, presented the certificates and said: “I am proud of the nurses who’ve completed the programme and it’s brilliant to see the impact the skills they have gained will have on the quality of the care they deliver.”

Devon Heaney, one of the rotational nurses, said: “This rotation programme has been absolutely incredible. I have gained skills, knowledge, resilience and confidence. I am a better nurse because of the past 18 months.

“I have more awareness on mental and physical health and I am able to incorporate both sets of nursing skills. I believe that rotations like this are the future and I am incredibly grateful to NELFT and especially grateful to this team who gave me this opportunity and supported me through the 18 months.”

Another rotational nurse, Emma Groves, said: “I feel I have achieved my personal objectives and think I have exceeded my own expectations of my skills. I feel my knowledge of nursing has developed in ways I could not imagine, I feel I am able to care holistically as a result.”

Debbie Smith, director of nursing - patient experience, said: “I was delighted to hear the excellent presentations from the rotational nurses who are now dual competent in physical and mental health and able to work across traditional boundaries in a truly integrated and holistic way.” 

Congratulations to the 2020 physical and mental health rotational nurses: Devon Heaney, Sarah Warnock and Joshua Archer (Children & Young People’s programme), Emma Groves, Tasha Lancaster (Adult programme) as well as Omobola Okunade who completed her programme in 2019.

The next Adult Physical Health / Mental Health Rotation will be starting in early 2021. If you’re interested in applying, please email You can find out more information here. The closing date is 6 December 2020.