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PCREF hold South Asian Women Community Engagement Session

Four photographs from the event of NELFT and South Asian women who attended, blue background, NELFT logos

On 10 June, the Patient and Carer Race Equality Framework (PCREF) in partnership with The Wellbeing Hub (Black Women Kindness Initiative) held a focus session concentrating on South Asian women in Redbridge.

At NELFT, PCREF exists to eliminate the unacceptable racial disparity in the Access, Experience and Outcomes of Black, Asian, and minority ethnic communities and significantly improve their trust and confidence in our mental health services. The three main priority areas are the black male experience whilst in talking therapies and acute wards, the south Asian women experience in accessing talking therapies and the abuse and identification of carers.

The session was an opportunity for NELFT’s PCREF to have a fantastic opportunity to sit amongst a group of vibrant, strong, resilient South Asian women for a focus session, drawing a great turnout and sparking meaningful discussions. NELFT staff members of PCREF, Patient Experience, Peer Support, and Redbridge Mental Health and Wellness team supported the session.

The session was inspired by  the emotional emancipation circle developed by UK Black Psychologists  (UKABPsi) and participants were able to delved into a range of topics connected to their heritage, culture and history.

During the focus session, participants courageously addressed cultural and societal pressures, shedding light on the challenges faced due to cultural and social norms. The conversation also navigated through the intricate web of family and gender roles, highlighting the impact these expectations have on their lives.

Moreover, the session touched upon practices and beliefs that influence south Asian women, highlighting the complexities of navigating through traditional stigmas and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. The impact of migration on mental health and wellbeing was also raised, emphasising the struggle faced by many in adapting to new environments.

Loneliness and generational trauma emerged as touching themes throughout the session, highlighting the importance of creating spaces for healing and support within the community.

PCREF Project Lead, Erica Deti, said:

“Engaging directly with South Asian women in Redbridge has been incredibly insightful and deeply moving. Their resilience, strength, and willingness to share their stories and living experience provide us with a profound understanding of the unique challenges they face.

“By creating such platforms for open dialogue, we are not only acknowledging their experiences but also actively working towards a more inclusive and equitable mental health service.

“This session underscored the critical need for culturally appropriate and responsive approaches in addressing mental health and the importance of listening to and empowering communities.

“Our aim is to foster trust and confidence in our services, ensuring that every individual feels seen, heard, and supported.”

By addressing issues through a holistic approach, the health and wellbeing of South Asian women can be significantly improved.

Overall, the session was a success, and NELFT is looking forward to organising more sessions like this in the future.

To find out more about PCREF, visit: Patient and Carer Race Equality Framework (PCREF) | NELFT NHS Foundation Trust

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