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Talking Therapies team produce podcast | News and events

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Talking Therapies team produce podcast

The Redbridge Talking Therapies team have produced a series of podcasts to help both staff and patients to develop their coping skills in these unprecedented and challenging times.

The podcast series is free to listen to and can be listened to as many times as you wish. The podcast is great for those who require some support but do not feel ready to engage in therapy or to those who are awaiting therapy to begin.

Each podcast features members of the Redbridge talking therapies team and guides in strategies for coping with worry, low mood, isolation, loneliness, relaxation and mindfulness.

The series has already had more than 1000 listens, with most users listening on their smartphone. The most popular episodes being Time to Relax, Managing Racial Based Stress and Trauma and Sleeping Through a Crisis.

The podcasts can be accessed using this link on any device: Please feel free to take a listen or share with anyone you feel may benefit from listening.

Below is a list of each podcast episode and it's subject.

Episode  Subject
 1  Trailer
 2  Time to Relax
 3  Sleeping through a crisis
 4  Minding ourselves in times of difficulty
 5  Using our senses to relax
 6  Managing relationships
 7  Becoming more mindful in everyday activity
 8  We are still here for you!
 9  Managing worry and uncertainty
10  Motivating ourselves to learn something new
11  Managing racial based stress and trauma
12  Keeping active
13  Managing loneliness
14  Managing obsessive thoughts and compulsions

More information on each of the podcast episodes can be found here.