For clinicians

Doctor: Dr Joanne Rodda
Doctor: Dr Janet Carter
Doctor: Dr Amber Selwood
Doctor: Dr Sima Shende

Lead person for enquiries: Tracey Downer - service manager
Tel: 0300 555 1135 ext. 54391
Fax: 0300 300 1697

(Please ensure patient identifiable information is password protected)


Referrals will be accepted by fax, telephone call or letter direct to the older adults acess team on, e-referral is also available for GPs. All new referrals need to be made via the GP to exclude/treat physical causes for presenting problems.

Criteria: Resident in Havering, aged 65 and over with mental health difficulties. Any person with dementia or suspected of having dementia.

Exclusions: None

Test results required at referral: If suspected dementia, please complete dementia blood screening and midstream urine (MSU).