Havering Older Adults Mental Health Services (including Older Adults Memory Service & Older Adults Access and Assessment Team)

The older adult mental health team provides community mental health services to people aged 65 and over with serious and/or enduring mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia. We also provide community mental health services to people aged 18 and over with complex cognitive disorders.

Our services include: assessment and diagnosis; psychological intervention; medication management; risk management, including safeguarding support; advice and health information for clients and their carers; support and education for primary care teams, social and community services, and other statutory, voluntary and private organisations; providing care to older people with mental health needs.

Therapies available include:

  • medication management
  • talking therapies
  • cognitive stimulation therapy
  • rehabilitation programmes
  • support to engage in community social, leisure and recreational pursuits
  • occupational therapy
  • provision of environmental adaptations and assistive technologies.

The team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, community nurses, occupational therapists, social workers and support workers and administrators.

Patient information

Contact our service in Havering

Havering older adults mental health team (HOAMHT)
26 Gubbins Lane
Harold Wood

Tel: 0300 555 1135, ext 66700
Opening times: 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday


Please email: Havering.olderadultmentalhealthteam@nelft.nhs.uk. Referrals will also be accepted by fax, telephone call or letter direct to the older adults acess team. Please refer to the For clinicians page for more information.