For clinicians

Operational lead: Anthonia Owolabi

Older adults’ mental health team & memory service.

Head of service: Daniel Stockwell

Tel: 0300 555 1200 ext.57789


(Please ensure patient identifiable information is password protected)  


Referrals form is emailed to  

Criteria: All new referrals need to be made via the GP to exclude/treat physical causes for presenting problems.

Internal referrals from NELFT services ( OAHTT, ARD, Psychiatric liaison ) can be emailed to BDOAMHT@nelft.nhs.ukwith reasons for referral and other relevant information. 

For enquiry about medication, GPs to use the Advice and guidance route   for prompt response from the team psychiatrist.  

Exclusions:  None
Test results required at referral: If suspected dementia, please complete dementia blood screening and midstream urine (MSU).

Discharges: Patients are usually discharged to the care of their GPs with a care plan. This is discussed with patients and their family at the point of referral.