For clinicians

Integrated Respiratory Team is a Planned Care Service for any urgent medical needs please contact:

Single Point of Access (SPA): 0300 300 1712

Thurrock First: 01375 511 000

The service working pattern is:

9am – 5pm Monday though to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

Contact Details


Integrated Respiratory Team,
Mayflower Community Hospital,
Blunts Wall Road,
CM12 9SA

Telephone details:

COPD Team: 0300 300 1712
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service: 0300 300 1588

Home Oxygen Service: 0300 300 1588

Email Addresses:

COPD Team:

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service:

Oxygen Service:



For referral form Click here 

Referrals will be accepted via Email and SystmOne, apologies but the services do not accept faxes.

Please note we are not a diagnostics service for Respiratory Disease.


Criteria for referral:

COPD Team:


  • Formal diagnosis of COPD
  • Up to date spirometry
  • Two or more exacerbation in a 12 month period.
  • MRC 3 or above


  • Asthma
  • No confirmed diagnosis
  • MRC below 3

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service:


  • MRC3 and above
  • Confirmed Airways Disease
  • Able to stand and walk (-/+) walking aid for 10m


  • MRC 2 and below
  • No confirmed Airways disease Diagnosis
  • Bedbound or wheelchair bound
  • Unstable cardiac disease, including unstable angina
  • Severe locomotor difficulties e.g. sever arthritis
  • Severe cognitive impairment 
  • Unexplained blackouts/falls
  • Uncontrolled Epilepsy
  • AAA 5.5 +

Home Oxygen Service:


  • Stable patients in the last 6 weeks with saturation of 92% on air
  • Known respiratory Disease
  • Patient already on oxygen but not known to service.
  • Patient requiring ambulatory oxygen assessment


  • Emergency oxygen requirement – for emergency Oxygen please follow BTS guidelines
  • Actively exacerbating patient
  • Long term breathlessness

Please note Oxygen does not treat breathlessness.

For Nebulized Medication and Equipment.

If you have been provided with a nebuliser compressor by NELFT, and you are experiencing a functional problem with this nebuliser.

please email:

Telephone: 0300 300 1553

If you are experiencing difficulties with how you should use the nebuliser that has been provided by NELFT, please contact Single Point of Access on 0300 300 1712