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Service lead:  Jan Minter, head of community and crisis care
Tel: 01277 695137
Mobile: 07949 024889
(Please do not email patient identifiable information to this address.)

Walk-in unit

Criteria: Patients attending with minor injuries

Please note: X-ray hours are 10am to 6pm weekdays and 10am to 2.30pm on weekends.


  • X-ray at MIU is not available for children under seven years of age due to the complexity of interpreting results
  • head injuries (where Glasgow Coma Scale is less than 15 and there has been any history of any loss of conscious, or there is alcohol or drug-related history to the incident)
  • minor burns and scalds (more than 2%), and where airway/inhalation burns cannot be excluded
  • wounds with glass/metal/foreign body in child under 7
  • wounds with glass/metal/foreign body which presents outside x-ray hours
  • wounds with arterial bleed

All other presentations of patients with minor injuries may be accepted for initial assessment and onward management and or referral.