For clinicians

Lead person for queries: Susan Moore - integrated community services manager
Tel: 01708 574257

Fax: 0208 822 4097


Referrals will be accepted from any health and social care professionals between Monday and Friday 8am - 5pm, secondary referrals for ICT and stroke currently best by fax to 020 8708 9100. GP referrals via call centre on CHSCS referral form. For clinical/referral enquiries contact the team on 0208 708 9101.                      

Criteria: People aged 18 and over who can be managed with the assistance of a therapist or carer, with rehabilitation goals which can be progressed in 6 weeks. People registered with a GP in Redbridge. People who have specific rehabilitation goals that require the expertise of a physiotherapist or occupational therapist to be achieved.

Exceptions: Referrals will only be accepted if the patient is resident in their own home i.e not in residential or nursing care.