Community medical paediatrics

The Community paediatric Team in Waltham Forest are specialist paediatricians who provide out of hospital care for children and young people. They also carry out a range of statutory duties in relation to child protection, medical advice for special educational needs, and health assessments of children in care.

Community paediatricians work within the community health network of therapists and nurses and also with local authority (CYPS) and the voluntary sector. The role of the paediatrician involves prevention, identification, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and support. We work in an integrated way to an Early Support Model.

Community paediatricians are closely networked with acute general paediatricians and audiology department and CAMHS Consultants. 

The Waltham Forest Community paediatric service provides:

  • Neuro-disability multidisciplinary clinics:
  • Social and Communication assessment Clinic for assessment of autism spectrum disorders. (SACC)
  • Assessment and management of children with complex physical and learning needs including visual and hearing impairment, movement disorders, such as, cerebral palsy, and other neuro-disabilities, 
  • Visual Impairment multi-disciplinary service 
  • Multi-disciplinary assessment of motor and movement disorders
  • Assessment and follow up of children with genetic conditions such as Down's syndrome.


  • medical assessment of  children who may have been subject to physical , emotional abuse or neglect or sexual abuse
  • health assessments of children taken into the care of the local authority
  • advice on health concerns related to safeguarding, adoption and fostering
  • Contribute to multiagency and strategic safeguarding / LAC networks
  • Paediatric Assessment
  • Neurodevelopmental assessment of preterm babies
  • Special immunisation advisory clinic
  • Epilepsy Clinic 
  • Follow up clinics for school aged children with medical needs in context of learning disability/ physical disability
  • Contribute to the assessment of children with special educational needs and provide advice to the Education department on health issues. 


Wood St. H/C
Local Special schools
Whipps Cross Hospital
Local clinics such as Comely Bank and St James St.

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Community medical paediatric service 
Wood Street Health Centre
6 Linford Road
E17 3LA 
Telephone: 0208 430 7777
Fax: 0208 430 7801 
Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm