BME Senior Male Nurses Network

What is the BME Senior Male Nurses Network?

BME Definition

Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) means everyone who self-identifies their ethnicity as other than White British

Purpose of network

The network has been developed for BME colleagues in their roles as senior leaders in the NHS to support achievement of objectives set out in the long term and interim people plans

  • To actively contribute to improvement on helping to make a difference in the annual NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) outcome indicators.
  • The network will support the CNO, CMO and NHS leaders in promoting equality, equity and diversity in ways that celebrate everyone’s differences, promotes inclusion and creates a productive environment in which everybody feels valued.
  • The network is informal, bringing together senior nursing & midwifery leaders with a focus on improving race equality, equity and diversity.
  • The network aims to support and influence policy development to ensure the development of a diverse workforce at all levels
  • The network promotes equal opportunities and celebrates diversity across all groups.
  • The network should be recognised by NHSE/I as a valuable resource, which is to be encouraged and supported, including financially.
  • The Network will seek to work in partnership with other groups and organisations across the country and use their best endeavors to address issues of mutual concern.

Aims and objectives

  • To support male black and minority ethnic (BME) nursing staff across the whole NHS.
  • To enable BME male staff to feel that they are part of and have a vital role to play in our NHS 
  • To discuss issues affecting BME staff with key decision makers
  • To lift as we climb our giving back commitment through mentoring, coaching, speaking to schools etc
  • To be a reference group supporting the wider NHS agenda
  • To assist in formulating new and reviewing existing policies and procedures
  • To influence policy making and monitor existing policies to ensure that the BME equality perspective is proactively considered.
  • To provide an opportunity for BME male nursing staff to update each other on local and national policy and developments.
  • To assist all NHS trusts in meeting their statutory obligations regarding duty under the Equality Act 2010
  • To provide an arena for BME male nursing staff to raise their concerns, in a safe and confidential environment
  • To work with the whole NHS to eliminate discriminations experienced by BME male nursing staff and to promote general equity of opportunity.
  • To provide a support function to colleagues, through the development of networks and meetings, where issues can be openly discussed.
  • To develop and maintain a network that provides support and promotes diversity generally within the BME male nursing workforce.
  • To gain and share an understanding of the experiences of BME male nursing staff and service users, and highlight any health inequalities that influence service delivery.
  • To celebrate the diversity of the workforce by participating in national and local events such as community events and Black History Month (October).