How to get in touch and refer

Are you concerned about a young person’s thoughts, feelings or behaviours? To find the most appropriate contact for your concerns please select from the following:

Do they have an urgent need? Is it an emergency?

The Single Point of Access team will be able to provide you with support and advice and will assist you to reach the right help on 0800 0113474

I am not a Medway Young Persons’ Wellbeing Service (MYPWS) patient

If you feel you need to speak to someone to find the most appropriate support you can contact the Single Point of Access (SPA) number on 0800 0113474 between 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday – we will listen and talk through the support available to you and your child.

Alternatively you can complete the SPA Request for Support form here:  

I am already a MYPWS patient

If you are currently receiving support from our service then please contact your local office for further treatment related information

  • Medway - 0300 300 1989

I need to make a request for a repeat prescription

If you are requesting a repeat prescription from the NLDS team (Neurodevelopmental and Learning Difficulties Service) please email them here at and include the following information within the email:

  • Area
  • Patient name
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Name of medication requested
  • When you require the prescription

*note that prescription requests take 14 days to process. Most are being sent via post unless you have an alternative arrangement in place. Please ensure that you make your request with this in mind as we are unable to process under this timescale.