Eating disorders-Kent and Medway

The eating disorder service for Kent and Medway is a specialist service. Our service aims to bring hope and confidence to those who have an eating disorder and to enable them to take back control of their life by overcoming their eating disorder.

Eating disorders involve disturbances in eating behaviour, such as extreme and unhealthy restriction of food intake and / or severe overeating, as well as feelings of distress or extreme concern about body shape and /or weight. Such disturbances can put your physical health and functioning at risk. Eating disorders can be triggered by a variety of causes such as genetics, psychological and / or social influences. More often they are a way of coping with difficult thoughts, emotions or experiences.

Commonly people with eating disorders feel that controlling their eating habits is the only way they can maintain control of their life, when in fact the eating disorder begins to control them.

The eating disorder service for Kent and Medway is here to provide you with support and to help you.

Patient information

The Kent and Medway eating disorders service will be based at The Courtyard but all patients will be seen in their locality areas across Kent & Medway. To contact our team, please see details below:

The Courtyard,
Pudding Lane,
ME14 1PA
Tel: 0300 300 1980
Opening times: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Referral information

The referral process from 1 September will be via a single telephone number. This will be used for all referrals. Additionally we have attached a copy of the referral form for the service. 

The minimum age for referrals to this service is 8 years.

Please note that referrals by letter, with the appropriate information and patient history will still be accepted by the service.