Our team

Management Team

Our management team is made up of professional and highly experienced individuals, including our Head of Service, Integrated Team Manager, Strategic and Clinical Lead, and Clinical Lead. They work together to ensure the service runs smoothly and efficiently, in line with practice standards and service values.


Our psychiatrists are part of our multi-disciplinary team and guide the decisions made about the care of adults and young people. They are medically qualified doctors who can prescribe medication in the context of an individual’s difficulties. Psychiatrists can also advise what diagnosis might be most suitable for an individual based on their presentation.


Our senior psychologist team assess, formulate, and deliver therapeutic interventions for young people and adults accessing our service. The team are made up of clinical and counselling psychologists who are able to draw on decades of experience in working with eating disorders. They conduct and draw upon the latest research and training courses to prioritise quality of care.


The specialist dietitians in our team are highly qualified health professional that assess and treat the dietary and nutritional problems associated with eating disorders. They use the most up-to-date public health and scientific research on food, health and eating disorders, which they translate into practical guidance to enable you to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices to support your recovery.

Senior Specialist nurses conduct assessments for eating disorders, provide therapeutic interventions for people with eating disorders working with you and your family to reach your goals and maintain your achievements. We also carry out physical observations, support with meal plans and act as care co-ordinators, which involves liaising with other professionals as needed.


We have different types of therapists involved in our service, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapists and Systematic and Family Psychotherapists. Their role is to provide specialist clinical assessment of service users with severe, highly complex and persistent eating disorders. They provide expert cognitive behavioural therapeutic interventions and family therapy to service users with complex eating disorders. They work with parents/carers/networks of referred service users and use theory, literature and research to support evidence-based practice in individual work.

Assistant Psychologists

The Assistant Psychologists in our team seek to support our psychologists in their work. They also take on their own individual clients for guided self-help, for example Body Image work, and co-facilitate CBT groups. They score and evaluate Routine Outcome Measures and work on service developments projects and audits. This is to ensure that we are continuously evaluating the efficacy of our practice in the service.

Support workers

The Clinical Support Workers in the team engage in a combination of both physical health clinics and outreach work. The clinics are run throughout the week in Maidstone and Canterbury. Outreach is working with service user in the community to work towards goals that have been set, such as meal or snack support. Outreach is carried out in an environment that is best suited to the service user and, therefore, could be in the service user’s home or in a public place, such as café.

Administrators and medical secretaries

Our administrative team are the key in ensuring our processes run smoothly.  They complete integral tasks such as managing referrals, answering email and telephone queries, arranging appointments, uploading relevant data and documents to our systems and more. They are the first to greet you as you come into clinic and are friendly and approachable.