Transitioning out of Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services

Transition out of SET CAMHS

ProgressiTransition imageng from child to adult services can be a confusing and difficult time for young people and their families. We aim to make this transition as smooth as possible, to help young people to start off correctly in the adult service.

The SET CAMHS offers the opportunity for transition planning for all young people aged 17 years and 6 months who are open to the service and engaging in treatment. Anything that is agreed at a transition meeting will be written down as a transition/care plan.

To start the process of transition off, clinicians will organise a transition meeting for the young person, which should discuss the following topics:

  • Your goals – have they changed/been reached
  • Your needs – mental and physical health, as well as education/employment and social/family needs
  • A review of previous and current care plans
  • Future treatment and appointments e.g. how often, when, where
  • Who else will know about the plan for transition e.g. GP, social worker or college tutor
  • Future support if not transitioning to adult mental health