How to get in touch and refer

A young person living in Southend, Essex and Thurrock can access SET CAMHS services in two different ways:

  • By a referral to our services via their GP, teacher, school nurse or any other professional
  • By self-referral – which means parents or young people can call our central phone number for all of our services or use the online referral form and get the help and advice that they need straight away.

Any young person, concerned parent, care giver or a responsible adult of a young person can access the SET CAMHS by either making an appointment to see their young person’s GP with them, or accessing our services for information by calling the central SET CAMHS phone number 0800 953 0222 and speaking to someone from the SET CAMHS team of healthcare professionals.

How does the process work?

  • Referrers seeking advice can contact the SPA for support on completing the form, Monday - Friday 09:00-17:00 on 0800 953 0222
  • Referrals to the Single Point of Access (SPA) team will be reviewed daily, screened within two working days and responded to once allocated to the locality team
  • All referrals will be prioritised according to the presenting clinical need and level of risk
  • All assessments aim to take place within 12 weeks
  • All consultant and non-consultant led treatment aims to start within 18 weeks of the referral. 

Patient journey - What happens after a referral has been made?

Waiting times may vary but we aim to see people within 12 weeks. However, if you find that things become more stressful while you are waiting to be seen, contact us as soon as possible so we are able to provide support.  

Series of circles with different steps. In order, they read 'Referral e.g. self-referral or GP' 'Single Point of Access (SPA) Telephone support/sign posting' 'Referral to other services' 'First appointment' 'Support from SET CAMHS' 'Review' 'Moving on'