Resources for parents

Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy

iMAP-Milk ladder recipe sheets [pdf] 364KB

iMAP Milk ladder [pdf] 476KB

Home rechallenge [pdf] 314KB

Fact sheet for cow's milk allergy for children [pdf] 511KB

Milk Free Diet

BDA Cow's milk free diet sheet [pdf] 2MB

Milk free diet sheet [pdf] 2MB

Milk and Soya Free Diet

BDA Milk and soya free diet sheet [pdf] 2MB

Milk and soya free diet sheet [pdf] 2MB

Milk and Egg Free Diet

BDA Milk and egg free diet sheet [pdf] 2MB

Milk and egg free diet sheet [pdf] 2MB

Egg Free Diet

BDA Egg free diet sheet [pdf] 1MB

Egg free diet sheet [pdf] 524KB

Milk, Egg, Wheat and Soya Free (MEWS) Diet

Milk, egg, wheat and soya free (MEWS) diet [pdf] 2MB

Gluten Free Diet

Gluten free food checkist [pdf] 958KB

Wheat Free Diet

BDA Wheat free diet sheet.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Wheat free diet sheet [pdf] 3MB

Soya Free Diet 

BDA Soya free diet sheet.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Peanut and Tree Allergy Diet 

BDA Peanut and tree allergy diet sheet.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Fish Free Diet 

BDA Fish free diet sheet [pdf] 956KB

Food Allergy Recipes

Food allergy recipes [pdf] 3MB

Increasing Iron in your child's diet 

Increasing iron in your child's diet [pdf] 5MB

Increasing calcium in your child’s diet

Increasing calcium in your child's diet [pdf] 3MB

Taking the fuss out of eating

Taking the fuss out eating [pdf] 3MB

Healthy eating

Healthy eating and children [pdf] 3MB

Food and activity booklet

Food diary and activity booklet [pdf] 295KB

Salt and your child

CASH [pdf] 253KB


Weaning [pdf] 1MB

First Line Food Fortification

First line food fortification [pdf] 4MB

Advanced Food Fortification

Advanced food fortificaton [pdf] 5MB

Home Enteral Tube Feeding (Essex region specific)

Essex Home Enternal Feeding information [pdf] 3MB

Blended Diet via Feeding tube (Essex region specific)

Essex Blended Diet Patient Information [pdf] 7MB

Home Enteral Tube Feeding

Patient Carer Information booklet.pdf [pdf] 3MB