Understanding children's eating and supporting change

It is hoped that the information available on his page will help support your understanding of your child’s eating.  Often as a parent it can be hard to understand why a child is eating the way they are. Often their behaviours and choices can feel quite random which can leave parents feeling very frustrated, upset and confused. This in turn often leads to more stressful mealtimes which results in the children even eating even less.

By reading our information and watching the videos we hope that you will begin to see patterns which help explain what you are experiencing at home. Once their eating is understood, their choices often make a lot more sense.

Once we understand ‘why’ we can then put in place strategies to help support them to make different choices and expand their food choices.

We understand that changing behaviours and developing new skills often takes a very long time and this can be even more difficult in children with a diagnosis of autism. It is important to be consistent in your approach as it is very unlikely that you will see any significant change in a few days/ weeks.

Please click on the tiles below to view the different downloadable information sheets.

Downloadable advice and information for parents
Advice on learning to feed yourself senses impact eating and food choice Buffet style meals developing attention at mealtimes
Understanding finge foods Importance of seating and positioning messy play Why some children struggle to eat
Making food fun Learning to chew Impact of too much milk How children balance their eating
Success with solids Coping with fussy eating. Introducing new foods to hesitant eaters. Impact of autism on eating and drinking