Co-production work with Enable East

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The Mid and South Essex Assurance Group commissioned the co-production of materials to promote the development of Mental Health Teams (MHSTs) in schools and colleges and promotion of wider services that sustain emotional wellbeing.

Commissioners were keen to ensure effective engagement and co-production with key stakeholders; children and young people, parents and carers and teaching staff, to support the development and roll out of the service, with a particular focus on reaching children who might struggle to access services. 

The aim of the co-production was to try and address the following questions:

  1. What are the issues concerning children and young people in relation to their mental health?
  2. How do young people prefer to access and receive support?
  3. What does a good MHST service look link to all stakeholders and what outcomes do they use to measure success?
  4. How can information from the MHSTs be communicated most effectively?

The end goal of co-production included the following  key assets:

1. A Newsletter Template that can be distributed termly, reflecting the requirements and interests of MHST’s stakeholders.

MHST newsletter

2. A co-designed Service Charter, outlining the pledges that pupils and families would like services to achieve.

3. A short, animated film targeted specifically at primary school age pupils as well as secondary school pupils.

4. A short, animted film targeted specifically at secondary school age pupils.

5. A range of digital assets suitable for use on social media, digital notice boards and printed posters.

Enable East - Summary report