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Occupational Health psychological services

Mental health & psychological wellbeing service

We are Dr Joanna Lofthouse and Soren Stauffer-Kruse, two highly experienced Counselling Psychologists who have set up a Psychological Wellbeing Service for BHRUT staff with support from William Taylor (Head of Ocupational Health) and in co-operation with the NELFT Clinical Health Psychology Service under the leadership of Marc Kingsley and Lindsay Royan.

Our service is:

  1. An integrated, specialist psychological therapy service providing evidence-based individual and group therapy to the workforce.
  2. Expert psychological consultation of teams including psychological assessment of need, crisis intervention, conflict resolution and advise on the provision of reflective practice supervision. 
  3. Psychological consultation and contributions to the culture change program in order to think about preventing mental ill health in the future by creating a culture that enhances psychological well-being.

Our service consist of three main streams:

  1. Psychological therapy including assessment and treatment within individual or group therapy.  We aim to provide our services based on a good model of psychological care and employ a variety of psychological treatments within a 12 session model of an intermediate psychological service. We have created a clinical care pathway that aims to meets staff members needs rather than them needing to fit into the needs of the service. 
  2. Psychological consultation of BHRUT Teams that offers assessment and interventions to teams based on a system model of psychological thinking.  An example would be to go into a team in crisis in order to establish the particular needs of the team, offer conflict resolution based a mediation model and to ascertain the longer-term psychological needs of the team (an example for this would be the provision of a reflective practice meeting). 
  3. Culture Change Consultation: For us to offer our expert psychological view of in relation to changing the culture of the workplace and to contribute to BHRUT’s overall strategy and policies in relation to achieving a work-place culture that enhances mental well-being rather than creating mental distress.

Contact details

First Floor Neutral Zone
Queens Hospital
Rom Valley Way

Tel: 01708 435177

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm


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Contact the team for support with mental, emotional, and physical health on 0800 953 9898

Keeping Well Nel 

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