Paediatric diabetes psychological services

Embedded as part of the paediatric diabetes team, we work with children/ young people and their families to support adjustment to diabetes.

What we do

The psychology service accepts referrals from all parts of the system around the child and works on the psychological issues associated with diabetes with the aim to reduce distress, improve quality of life, and facilitate adherence to diabetes treatment.

In accordance with best practice guidelines the psychology service is also involved in assessment for insulin pumps. We also offer neuropsychological assessment when there are concerns about the cognitive functioning of a child/ young person as a result of diabetes.

In addition to talking therapy we also offer psychological consultation and training to members of the health team.


The psychology services offers individual and family based treatments to the child/ young person, aged 0-16. In some instances it may also be helpful to offer support to parents or carers.

The treatments are individually tailored to the needs of the child/ young person and depend upon the identified problem. Typically, the we offer cognitive and behaviourally informed interventions,  that are delivered systemically.  The aim is to offer support in a targeted way with the understanding that the child/ young person will be engaged with the paediatric team until they are 18 and therefore may benefit from gaining support at numerous points throughout their journey to adulthood.

The psychology service takes a strengths based perspective, assuming that the clients have resources and skills that can be drawn upon at difficult times.

Meet the team: Dr Miriam Green-Armytage

Psychological service lead: Dr Miriam Green-Armytage, Clinical Psychologist

I have a strong background of working in Clinical Health Psychology with individuals, family members and their wider network. I have predominantly worked in hospital settings using psychological interventions to address physical and mental health needs. I have a specialist interest in, and experience of, working therapeutically with people living with diabetes. In my practice, I am able to draw on a range of therapeutic approaches to inform psychological therapy, with further training in CBT and Systemic therapies.

Other staff: We also offer placements to Clinical Psychologists in training.

Where the service is based

Paediatric Diabetes Psychology Service
Children’s Outpatients
Queen’s Hospital
Rom Valley Way

This is not a crisis service.

Opening hours: Monday, Thursday and Friday, 9am - 5pm.

How to contact us

Tel: 01708 435 000 (ext. 4907) or 07825 256 922