Hearing and Vision screening

Children are screened in reception at age 4-5 years in schools. Prior to the tests being carried out by the school health team, parents will receive a letter. The screening exercise will be carried out by these trained healthcare staff usually in a private room/area in the school.

The screening is safe; it seems more like a game to the child. If a child wears glasses or is currently receiving hearing treatment they are excluded from screening.

The result is given to the child on the same day of the screening to bring home to parents, and if the results are unusual the team will reach out to the parents. Children who fail the hearing tests have to repeat these tests within 6-8weeks; while for the vision screening if the result raises a concern, the child can be referred to an optician.

NELFT is committed to implementing the Hearing and Vision screening across schools and this being coordinated by the Brighter Futures Service.

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