National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP)

The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) is an important part of our local area’s work to promote healthy weight of children. It is offered to children in reception (aged 4–5 years) and year 6 (aged 10–11 years).

As part of the NCMP, children are weighed and measured at school.  Every child’s participation in the NCMP is valuable as the information is also used by the NHS to plan and provide better health services for children. The programme which now holds years of reliable data has become the government’s tool in identifying and dealing with weight issues in children from an early age.

In Thurrock this is currently being coordinated by the Brighter Futures Service across schools in the area; wherein through provision of a child’s result to their parents, the parents have information of their child’s weight status and potential health impacts, and are provided an opportunity to receive further support to make healthy lifestyle changes. It is also worthy to note that underweight children or parents who have concerns about their children’s growth will have a growth review normally 6 months after the 1st measurement.

NELFT is committed to implementing the NCMP across schools.

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