School nurse talking to two children

Thurrock school health service

What we do

We offer health information, support, and advice to children, young people and their families who attend school in Thurrock. We aim to promote the physical, mental and emotional well-being of school aged children and young people (5-19 years) and seek to develop the skills they need to manage challenges they face in school, at home, in their personal lives or online. 

The service focuses on:  

  • Health promotion activity including oral care, puberty, personal hygiene, how babies are made, menstruation, headlice support and sleep hygiene.
  • Enuresis (bedtime wetting) and toileting support services.
  • Planned drop-in sessions for Secondary School children and young people and Primary School drop-in sessions for parents and carers including assemblies and class health education.
  • Working with the multi-disciplinary teams to safeguard vulnerable children and young people in supporting and signposting as appropriate.
  • Universal healthy lifestyle programmes throughout all schools- for example healthy missions.
  • Routine and targeted hearing and vision screening for school aged children.
  • Development growth screening (National Child Measurement Programme) for reception and year 6 children.
  • Transitional health support questionnaire for year 6 and year 10 students
  • Signpost to reduce ‘risky’ behaviours (including alcohol, drug and gang culture)
  • Building strong, supportive relationships with local schools
  • Onward referrals and signposting to specialist services to further support the children, young people and families.  
  • Close working with GPs and other health services, Thurrock Social Care, and the voluntary sector.

The School Health Service comprises of:

  • School Nurses
  • Community Staff Nurses
  • Health Improvement Practitioners (HIPs)
  • Community Nursery Nurses
  • Admin