Oral health - Advice for parents

Brushing twice daily with a toothpaste containing 1450ppm of fluoride has been recommended by the dental team. It is important to begin brushing as soon as their first tooth cuts.

A smear of toothpaste is recommended for the under 3's and a pea-sized amount for age 3+. Do not spit out nor rinse out the toothpaste as this tooth paste protects the teeth. Many children will find a very minty paste too strong, so in that case it is better to use a mild mint flavour. When brushing babies and toddlers teeth an adult must supervise them until the aged 8 to ensure children they don't eat the toothpaste and that they are brushing correctly. Getting children into a routine early enables them to maintain a healthy habit for life.

We recommend that children are registered and seen by a dentist by their first birthday.

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