New birth visits

Health Visiting Teams contact details

The teams are available Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.

Barking and Dagenham West Locality 0300 300 1672, 0300 300 1813
Barking and Dagenham North Locality 0300 300 1727
Barking and Dagenham East Locality 0300 300 1875

Please click on the links below for information and to download booklets:

      Baby feeding

Front cover   

Immunisation Introducing solid foods Vitamin D
Off to the best start Building a happy baby A guide to Immunisation
 Immunisation schedule
Introduction to solids Vitamin D
Guide to bottle feeding front cover Safer sleep CAPT Birth to five Healthy start
Guide to bottle feeding

For parents:
Safer sleep guide for parents

For professionals:

Child accident prevention Birth to Five Healthy Start
Eating well for the first year Post natal depression leaflet Perinatal image Sepsis front cover Meningitis and sepsis front cover
Eating well: the first year Postnatal depression and baby blues Perinatal mental health information Sepsis

Protecting your baby against meningitis and septicaemia

Symptom checker

Pelvic exercises Contraception service Family planning Domestic abuse front cover  
Pelvic floor exercises Contraception service Family planning clinics Support for victims of domestic abuse  

Coronavirus (COVID19) - advice for parents