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Healthy one year olds, two year olds and getting ready for school

8-12 months

As your child reaches 8 months of age you will receive an invitation to attend a one year health review appointment – or Health review 1 (HR1) with your health visitor to review your child’s health, growth, wellbeing and development.

A letter or email will be sent to you containing your appointment details and an Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ3) Parents are required to complete this before attending the appointment with the health visitor. It is useful as it supports parents understanding of their child’s development and the expected milestones, they are to achieve between 8 and 12 months of age.

A physical review will also be completed including length, weight, head circumference, hip assessment & testes check (for boys).

2 years

As part of getting children ready for school health visitors and community nursery nurses complete another assessment with parents. This is called health review 2 (HR2). It is carried out between the age of 2 and 2½ years. You will receive an appointment and ASQ3 as with the HR1.

As with all contacts with your Health visitor, health promotion advice will be provided. Should there be any indications that your child may need further review or assessment, referrals will be completed.

Speech, Language and Communication

Communication is essential for your child’s development. Starting communication early helps your child’s speech, language and communications skills and supports their learning for when they start nursery and school. Reading a book to your child is part of their development, they listen to you, look at the pictures and then watch you turn the pages. You will have noticed that, once they turn two, they want to do what you do.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s speech, language or communication, please click on the below link for various workshops and sessions hosted by our local children’s centres:

Further helpful resources can be found below:


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                                                  **LOCATION UPDATE**

We are now using the New Gascoigne Community Hub to hold some of our 1 and 2 year yeah reviews