Welcome to the Orthognathic Psychology Service (OPS)

Our specialist Clinical Psychologists are embedded within the Orthognathic Surgery multi-disciplinary team at Barts Health NHS Trust, working alongside Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeons and Orthodontists to provide psychological support to patients undergoing orthognathic treatment. The service is based at two hospital sites, the Royal London hospital site in Whitechapel and Whipps Cross hospital, Leytonstone.

Our aim is to provide a psychological pathway of care for patients undertaking the orthognathic surgery process, from preoperative consultation through to after surgery follow-up. This may involve assessing body image and appearance concerns, expectations and understanding of surgery, as well as any mental health concerns that may impact on the treatment process.

Where necessary, we can provide tailored support to patients and their families in advance of and along the surgical and treatment pathway. This is in the aim of promoting adherence to treatment and postoperative adjustment to the changed appearance which will improve psychosocial outcomes for all patients.

We welcome referrals for new patients at the beginning of their treatment, as well as patients at other points along the pathway.

Psychologists are trained healthcare professionals who help people cope with psychological difficulties, such as anxiety, fears, phobias and low mood. We work with people that may have complex mental health needs, physical disabilities or learning disabilities.

Psychologists use a wide range of psychological treatments that are evidence-based. One of these is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which can be used to treat dental/medical fears, particularly for patients who cannot accept dental treatment due to anxiety or due to their mental health needs.

Our service also offers behavioural management interventions as part of a joint treatment plan with the dental team, which supports people to undergo their dental treatment.


Where is the service based?

Dental and Oral-maxillofacial Trauma Psychology (DOT-P) Service
Royal London Dental Hospital
Turner Street
E1 1BB


Dental and Oral-maxillofacial Trauma Psychology (DOT-P) Service
Whipps Cross Road
E11 1NR